This is my webpage for GITA 1. We
are studying C#. Its my first year of learning computer
science in C#, but it is relatively the same.
It is pretty easy to learn and it allows me to
finish my work relatively quickly.

About Page


In this project, we learned how to display a more upgraded version of the hello world. Instead of only making it appear, there was options to make to make things disappear with an extra button as a twist.

Mailing Label


In this project, we learned how to create mailing labels based off name and address so people can save time. With just a click of a button, all your information will be organized.

Car Rental


In this project, we learned how to make a rental service that keeps track of a lot of information. With the customer's information, it creates 6 labels of information to keep up with the statistics of your rental.

Body Mass Index


In this project, we learned how to find the BMI of the user through their weight and height. With calculations, you display a label and tell them if they are under or overweight.

Car Rental Upgrade


In this project, we took the previous Car Rental project and tweaked it in a way to allow the customer to have more options, also making the program more vibrant.

Test Scores


In this project, we calculate the three scores of a test and return the grade of them individually and together. With this, you can find out if you will get that A.

Dice Game


In this project, we randomly roll dice and count the probabilities of each number. It also allows you to go crazy with random numbers.

Craps Game


In this project, we play a game of craps. With fake money, you will gamble on this game to see if you will be able to make profit or not.

Slots Machine


In this project, we represent a casino slot machine. Having all sorts of options like inserting money and raising bets, one is in for a lot of fun.

My Store


In this project, we have an imaginary store that sells all sorts of items. Mine in particular sells different types of games.

Rock Paper Scissors


In this project, we play the classic game of rock paper scissors. With built in hiding functions, you can compete against some of your friends.

2D Fish Tank


In this project, we display a fish that swims around a tank. With an auto move button as well, you can watch the fish swim around and bonk its head.

Tic Tac Toe


In this project, we calculate the three scores of a test and return the grade of them individually and together. With this, you can find out if you will get that A.

2D Fish Tank Upgrade


With the same idea as last time, we introduce the idea of a shark! Watch as the fish and shark duel until the inevitable death of the fish.



In this project, we calculate all sorts of sequences from a number you input, with counting to them from 1 all the way to its place in the fibbonaci sequence.

Basic AI


In this project, you control the player! Run away from the Bowser chasing you which is coded to follow you at all times. Try to survive!

Basic AI Upgrade


Once again being based off the previous project, you can now shoot projectiles at Bowser! But watch out, he can fight back as well.

Fishing Simulator


In this project, you watch a realistic scenario for fish. Whether they get hooked by the fisherman or eaten by a shark, watch as they inevitably disappear.

Bee Simulator


In this project, every click of your button summons another bee to go pollinate a flower. Although the same bee won't appear twice, you can watch as all sorts of bees pollinate all the flowers.



For the last project of them all, we were tasked with making a unique game. I chose an adventure type game that constantly changes, somewhat like the Labyrinth from Greek Mythology.