My Gita Webpage:

Nickolas Park

Project Details:

Tech Webpage:

We not only started to learn about how to create HTML webpages, but we also went further into research about various types of technology. I personally chose the microwave.


A get to know you type of webpage where I put together 15 facts with pictures about me. The main focus during this collage project was the importance of absolute and relative positioning.

Merchandise Store:

Based on my choice, I made a game store that would sell 4 different games at different prices. The main focus of this project was to learn how to do calculations in a HTML form.

Dice Program:

Using random number generators, I set up a project where the dice face will change while also keeping tracking of all the probabilities of the dice rolled currently.

Craps Game:

Along with the previously learned dice, I created a game based off the famous game craps. Using random numbers, you can now play a game.

Triangle Checker:

With the power of logic, I set up a program that will find out what type of triangle you have inputted by just looking at the sides.

Circle Bounce:

After using logic, we moved on to learning how to animate. This basic code shows two balls and a rectangle that interact with each other as they collide.

Space Invaders:

As I became more advanced in animating, I remade the very popular 8bit game, Space Invaders. Although not as difficult or advanced, it still gives you the basic idea of Space Invaders.

Complex Code:

Creating a new extreme sport related to coding, and making a website about it. This website advertises a new sport I have made called Complex Code. More information can be found in the website.

Circle Bounce Upgrade:

With the additions of arrays, we took the circle bounce project to a new level. With now 10 circles, each circle was given its own size, color, and its own velocity to show how all of them work independently.

Helicopter Game:

Coming back with a fresh mind, we worked on a new game that involved a helicopter you control with the goal of dodging all the birds coming at you while I also keeping track of the gravity pulling you down.

Internet Research:

Using a website template, I then altered it to appropriately show off the research of various topics about the internet and what it is exactly capable of.

Number Array:

Getting in to more of the logic side of websites, this program uses a random number generator to generate 5000 numbers and check how many times a specific number was found in those 5000 numbers.

String Program:

This program tests more capabilities of javascript as a whole array of strings you get to input can be output as uppercase, lowercase, and identify the longest and shortest string in the array.

Final Project:

For my final project, I created a website for a dessert cafe located in The Source known as Don Melt. It comes with many features that a website should come with, and provides more then enough information online.

About GITA:

In the Global Information Technology Academy (GITA), students learn all sorts of coding languages such as C#, Javascript, HTML, and more in a career building course pathway that stretches over the entirety of the 4 years of high school. Many students are able to hone their skills in order to succeed in their potential careers.

About Me:

Although this is a 4 year long pathway, I have only participated in it for two years because of my late transfer in the sophomore year. However, I will still strive to complete all the tasks at hand fluently in order to show my mastery in the subject as the years go on.